Classes start October 7, 2021


Lomita Kiwanis Hall , 24822 Narbonne Ave. Lomita, CA 90717

 Thursdays, 5:30-7:30


 Based on the skills levels of the students in the class, the class will adapt to a slower or faster pace. Our goal is to teach proper technique, build self-esteem and confidence, and empower the fencer.


Introductory Class

(8 Week)


Our introductory class is perfect for everyone who wants to try a new sport.  In this class we teach the basics fundamentals of fencing, while cultivating an environment of inclusion, empowerment, fun, focus, balance and improving motor skills (gear is provided)


 5:30-7:30/ Every Thursday

Lomita Kiwanis Hall

24822 Narbonne Ave.

Lomita, CA 90717

Beginners' Class

(Monthly Membership)


The beginning class goals are to build the foundation for a proficiency in techniques of blade work and footwork. Fencers may choose to fencing recreationally or competitively for our year end tournaments.   (Gear available for rental or purchase)

2 hrs/1x week

Location: TBD


Time: TBD


Intermediate Class

(Monthly Membership)

The intermediate class classes are designed for the more dedicated fencer who wants to perform at higher levels. These athletes may want to compete in mainstream local tournaments. The training is designed to explore more advanced movements and tactics in a positive, focused and challenging training environment. (Gear available rental or purchase)


2 hrs/2x week

Location: TBD


Time: TBD


Advanced Class

(Monthly Membership)


Fencers with more than 2 years’ experience.  We will build upon footwork, complexity of bladework, strength and conditioning.  Our goal is for every fencer achieve their highest performance potential.





2 hrs/3x week

Location: TBD


Time: TBD


Private Lessons

(20 minutes each)

Individual - $20


10 Lesson Package - $180


20 Lesson Package - $340


30 Lesson Package - $480